Carmel Health Network

Project details

We worked with Carmel Health Network to create a film that showcased the heart of what they do. The goal of this project was to create something to be used in helping CHN receive funds through their grant writing process. After completing the video they saw a tremendous increase in the amount of funding they were able to secure from their grants. 

Carmel Health Network is a non-profit corporation in Mobile, Alabama whose mission is to provide access to primary healthcare for the underprivileged children of Mobile, Alabama (and its surrounding area) as well as empower, educate, enlighten, and inspire our youth to attain goals that may appear insurmountable. 

Carmel Health Network (CHN) serves as a comprehensive medical home to over 6,000 children, provides parenting classes on health topics and assists enrolled families in developing a home environment conducive for academic success and productive citizenship in the community, world and one day - in heaven.

CHN programs strongly promote the dignity and sanctity of life and the God-given role of parents as the primary educators, nurturers, and providers for their precious children.

To help them with their cause go to: