We have partnered with some great people to produce feature length documentaries. These projects represent our passion for long form storytelling and the opportunity to really dive into topics that we are believe in. These films represent years of development, production, and discovery of the beautiful stories they tell.


Following the incredible success of the Wild Goose we created this film with Fr. Dave Pivonka, to bring viewers on another life-changing journey. This time we are focusing on the life of St. Francis of Assisi.St. Francis is one of the most loved saints in all the world. Cities, schools, hospitals, and churches around the globe are dedicated to him. He can be found in gardens across the country, but he must be more than just a birdbath! Who is St. Francis and why did do all that he did? This is the story we are looking to tell.


This project will follow the lives of young women in addition to interviews with Mary Bielski, Sr. Miriam James, Audrey Assad, Ben Walther, and more. It is incredibly powerful for teens to have a voice, share their struggles together, realize they are not alone. It is important to show how many other teens are struggling with the same issues, such as body image, the pressure to be perfect/ successful, dating, relationships, battles with lust, pornography & more.



We are partnering again with Project Light Ministries to create a new feature documentary film for men. We are currently in production and seeking finishing funds.