Metanoia is a transformation of the heart, a spiritual conversion, which comes about through repentance. This conversion may be in how we see Jesus, the Father, our self, and others. This eleven part follow-up series to The Wild Goose focuses on eight different areas that invite us to a deeper metanoia of who Jesus is and how He desires us to know Him. When one views this series, the viewer will have a much broader understanding of Jesus’ message.After receiving emails about the number of encounters experienced through The Wild Goose series, brainstorming sessions for this new series began. After many months of preparation and 17 days in the Holy Land, Metanoia was made.Metanoia contains eleven, one hour episodes shot in locations all throughout the Holy Land and interviews with various people across the country. The audience will be able to encounter the Lord in the settings of some of the holiest sights in the world. Metanoia is a spiritual journey through the places where Jesus physically taught His Church the meaning and the way of metanoia.


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