We have written, produced, and edited a handful of short films. Most were executed from ideation to completion in 24hrs. Scarlet Begonias is our first real attempt at a true narrative short film in collaboration with 8 Beats and Infinite Focus. We have a couple of other scripts in the works and are hoping to begin production soon.


Scarlet Begonias is an award winning short from the 8 Beats Anthology of films based on the 8 Beatitudes.

Our Beatitude: "Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be satisfied."

Synopsis: A young woman, suspected of being trafficked, is pulled from "the life" and forced to spend a weekend with a grieving father.


Floater is a short film for the 2015 My Rode Reel competition. It is a coming of age story about the awkwardness of early teenage years. Everyone has been told at some point that if they cross their eyes or make that face that it will get stuck that way. In this story a young man inhales helium and his voice gets stuck that way in addition to some other awkward symptoms.


Making the Cut is a short film for the 2016 My Rode Reel competition. Every athlete wants to make the cut, but this man offers a new and inspiring perspective. Follow his journey of discovering the greatness he has always wanted. This heartfelt story is something we can all relate to!

Do You have an idea?

If you have an idea or script for a short film you are looking to get off the ground feel free to reach out and tell us your story.