The Mass: An Introduction is a four part series presented by the Archdiocese of Mobile in association with 4PM Media. The series features Archbishop Rodi with Fr. Victor Ingalls, Dr. Norman McCrummen, and Dr. Allison Meyer. 

One of the first projects we worked on, we really wanted to bring a simplicity and practicality to the way we approach the Mass. The delivery of Archbishop Rodi was excellent using simple and effective analogies to relate to anyone who is viewing it at any stage in their faith. 

The series asks four questions: 

1. Why go to Mass on Sunday? This segment explores the very simple question of why do we worship at all. 

2. Why a Meal? This segment looks at the Mass as a meal and the family/communal aspect of the Mass. 

3. Why does the Mass take the form that it does? This segment looks at the form of the Mass. i.e. The words, actions, prayers, and readings that make up the Mass. 

4. Why does the extraordinary come to us in ordinary ways? This segments looks at the simple elements of bread and wine which become the Body and Blood of Christ and asks: Why bread and wine? Why in this simple way? Is this too simple? Is the Mass boring? 

The series is available online for free and on DVD for purchase through the 4PM Media store. Featuring original music by The Greg and Lizzy Band

Produced by 4PM MEDIA