Project details

Fr. Dave Pivonka reached out to us and we began talking about the possibility of producing something on the Holy Spirit and then giving it away for free online. Knowing the gifts that Fr. Dave possesses, we were very excited for the opportunity to help bring the Holy Spirit to the masses! 

 We filmed all of the 14 segments, setting a look and tone for what turned out to be a beautiful series. In addition, we prepared and completed a successful $50,000 Kickstarter, pre-production, filming, editing, marketing, and distribution for this project. This included all graphic design assets for the DVDs, Journal, t-shirts and mugs. 

The Wild Goose is a 14 series on the Holy Spirit featuring Fr. Dave Pivonka and interviews from a number of individual s sharing their personal journey with the Holy Spirit. This 14 part series is available online for free or purchase DVDs and journals through St. Joseph Communications here.

Fr. Dave leads you on an unforgettable journey around the world and into the very heart of God discovering the immense power and beauty of the unconditional love of God that is the Holy Spirit.

For more information on the series or to begin watching go to:

List of Sessions
1. God’s Love Poured Out
2. Breath of God
3. Baptism in the Holy Spirit
4. The Spirit and Our Lady
5. Gifts of the Holy Spirit
6. The Spirit and the Eucharist
7. The Spirit of Adoption
8. The Spirit of the Sacraments
9. Fruits of the Holy Spirit
10. The Spirit and the Desert
11. The Spirit Convicts
12. The Spirit’s freedom
13. The Spirit Gives Witness
14. The Spirit Remembers

Each segment is about 25 minutes long and is available with either English or Spanish subtitles.