Vigil Case Study

vigil mission

As artists, we believe in the universal power of true beauty to change the world. As Christians, we believe everyone on the planet deserves the opportunity to encounter the Gospel in an attractive and compelling way...lifelong believers and those who have never heard the name of Jesus alike. As a community, we believe all of this should be offered free of charge as a gift to anyone who wishes to receive it. This is our mission, and we need your help to accomplish it. 

project goal

In the spring of 2016 we were able to collaborate on an incredible project that came together in just 3 weeks! Collaborating with over 20 people with different talents and skills we created a 7 part music video series which culminated in over 400 events around the world on the eve of Pentecost. 



The project was to create music for liturgical seasons for people to pray with. 


 Catholics and Non-Catholic young adults was the main audience for this project. But really its for anyone.  

getting noticed


Music, Film, Reflection,Website, Social media.

Andrea Thomas, Greg&Lizzy, John Finch, 4PM Media, and Papercastle Records got together to craft a fresh way of praying for Lent and Easter.  The result was a seven-part music and film series featuring songs and reflections on the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.  "Series #1" was more successful than we ever thought it would be.


Here's a glimpse at what happened in the six short months since its release...

  • Series #1 has collected over 150,000 views worldwide in over 100 countries
  • The music album from Series #1 has distributed more than 4,000 copies to date and counting
  • The Vigil Project has been featured extensively in major Catholic media including:, Relevant Radio, EWTN, CatholicU, Fuzati, Sirius Catholic Radio, Catholic TV, and more
  • At the conclusion of Series #1, over 400 communities in 20 countries accepted our invitation to hold a prayer event on Pentecost